European yogurt, 3 reasons you will love it.

European yogurt, 3 reasons you will love it.


Yogurt, a food being loved by young and old people around the world.

Soft creamy texture, cool, with a slightly sour taste, yogurt is a complete nutritious meal for any time of the day.


How is yogurt being produced?


Yogurt is the dairy product that comes from the coagulation of raw milk and is produced by its lactic fermentation with lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus). L. bulgaricus gives yogurt its sour taste and S.thermophilus its characteristic aroma.


The shelf life of yogurt varies between 1-6 weeks but the optimal time is 15 days at a temperature of 0-2 degrees Celsius.

Yogurt as we all know is divided in many categories depending on its characteristics, indicatively below we mention the following

categories that you will find:


  • Depending on its composition:

That means, if cow's milk has been used  in its production then the yogurt is called cow's yogurt, if sheep's milk has been used , then it is called sheep's yogurt, etc!


  • Depending on its processing:

Depending on the process that the yogurt has undergone, it can be divided into strained, traditional, dessert, etc.


  • Depending on its fat and taste:

 Depending on the fat contained in yogurt and its taste, it is divided into whole, light, fruit-flavored, with honey, etc.


Now that we have learned what yogurt is, how it is produced, and in which categories it is distinguished, let's see together what its nutrients are and where it is used!


Yogurt as we said above is a foodstuf very rich in nutrients and vitamins. More specificaly, yogurt contains fats, carbohydrates, the protein of high biological value, calcium, phosphorus, and B vitamins, while there are also sufficient amounts of magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A and D (especially fortified products).

Extremely nutritious, right?


But yogurt, except from being a very nutritious food, is also an excellent ingredient for delicious creations!



  • Make fantastic savory dips for meats, sandwiches, etc., and enhance their taste by adding garlic or herbs to yogurt.
  • Make unique cakes and cookies to accompany your breakfast.
  • Make traditional soups with yogurt. and many many more delicious recipes !!


In conclusion, yogurt, and especially European yogurt produced to the highest EU quality and food safety standards, is the best choice for a balanced diet rich in flavor and nutrients.