M-P.O.AI (Cyprus)

M-P.O.AI Ltd is a registered limited liability company founded on September 30, 2016. It consisted of 24 members and today they have reached 34 members who maintain sheep and goat farms.

On February 8, 2019, M-POAI has been recognized by the Department of Agriculture of Cyprus as a Producers Group that deals with agricultural products sheep and goat milk and sheep and goat meat with certificate number 047/19 / IMP.

The PG is mainly engaged in the collective marketing of milk and meat in order to improve the viability of the livestock units that participate in the group. The members of the Group are milk and meat production units in the sheep and goat sector. A class of people, which over time, proved its perseverance and will to maintain the industry.

Today, thanks to the organized and systematic efforts of the members of the Group, it is both the largest productive cooperative of sheep and goat milk and meat, and a model of cooperative operation.

The main objectives of its establishment are to strengthen the value of producers' products, to strengthen their bargaining power in terms of marketing their production, ie milk and meat, to create strong bonds between customers (buyers of milk and meat) and team members but also the processing of milk into various products such as pasteurized milk, halloumi, trachana and yogurt.

Top priority is given to quality assurance that leads to goodwill of the product, to the improvement of the level of the units but also to a decent presence in the distribution of our products.